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Heard by millions since 1993 as MCI's English operator voice on various products such as 1-800-COLLECT and MCI's "The Neighborhood Message Center" (voice mail), Pam Bassett's personable voice is now available in your "neighborhood" via MP3 and FTP from her home studio to her website or yours.

Some of these and other products Pam recorded for MCI over the years continue on in MCIs name (also known as Verizon Business) or Verizons name after Verizon purchased MCI in 2006. Hear Pam's operator voice and win a free dinner for two!

Pam's home studio allows her to turn around projects quickly without sacrificing quality and allows her to provide whatever "flavor" your project needs -- from voice style and delivery to file type (MP3, WAV, VOX, AIFF and more) to make it easy for you.

Add Pam Bassett's voice and experience to your team and you'll have an additional asset working with you to make your next project sound great.

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