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Millions in the United States and abroad have heard Pam Bassett's warm, personable, and authoritative voice. Since 1993, Pam has been MCI's English operator voice on products and services such as 1-800-COLLECT, calling cards, prepaid cards, directory assistance, and can now be heard as the voice of MCI's "The Neighborhood" Message Center (voice mail). Her voice has been featured in radio and television campaigns for 1-800-COLLECT and even in the movie Big Daddy.

Some of these and other products Pam recorded for MCI over the years continue on in MCIís name (also known as Verizon Business) or Verizonís name after Verizon purchased MCI in 2006. Hear Pam's operator voice and win a free dinner for two!

"I speak the way I would want to hear someone else speaking to me at the other end: kind, professional, and pleasant," says Pam about the approach she takes to recording as an official operator voice.

Before her lengthy experience with Interactive Voice Response systems, Pam was a familiar voice to listeners of four CCM-formatted radio stations in the Baltimore / Washington, D.C. area. For ten years, Pam honed her personable delivery as an afternoon drive announcer, co-host of Musically Speaking, a newsreader, and a spokesperson.

Pam is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Radio, Television & Film.

Pam's in-home digital audio workstation/studio (in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C.), allows her to provide quick turnaround through uploading voice files to her website to facilitate easy client access/downloads. Secure password protection is available.

Pam is also available to travel for voice work in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Pam's voice is perfect for commercials, imaging, in-store commercials, audio on hold, voice prompts, and more. Pam looks forward to adding her warm, friendly, and versatile voice to your next project!

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